We provide a thorough inspection by inspecting your building, offices and outer-space for any signs of an infestation. We even provide a same-day inspection to give you fast and effective results to your problem. 


After conducting our thorough inspection within your premises, we identify which pest has infested your building, to customise an effective treatment. 

Preventative Action: 

Once we have identified the type of pest you are dealing with, it will be easier to provide you with preventative measures that you can adopt to keep the insects at bay. 


We provide you with detailed information as to why this has happened and what caused the pest to invade your building. 

Treatment Selection: 

We provide you with a cost-efficient removal treatment that is customised as per your requirements and according to the pest you are dealing with, to effectively terminate it as quickly as possible. 


We provide regular post- service visits to stay up to date with the pest situation and to prevent any future infestation. 


We also provide you with a thorough report on the removal service conducted, the treatment used as well as preventative measures and we also give you copies of our certification, license, and insurance to guarantee you that you are getting professional help.